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Viget Labs has invited Chad Fowler into town for 3 days of Ruby on Rails training. Chad is the author of Rails Recipes, a speaker at the upcoming Rails Edge conference, and, as one of the top Rails trainers, has provided private training sessions to developers around the world.

We have a limited number of spots available for qualified developers who are interested in joining us (details below). Just send an email to or contact Megan Alexander at 703-891-0670, ex 137.  Note: PCs will not be provided.  Please bring your own machine running the Rails development environment.

When: January 15 - January 17, 2007 (3 days) -- 9 am to 5 pm each day
Where: FGM headquarters -- 12021 Sunset Hills Road, Suite 400 - Reston, VA (map)
Cost: $750 (includes lunch each day)


A focused training session for web developers who:

  • Have developed web applications written in a dynamic language (e.g. PHP)
  • Are familiar with the MVC design pattern and who have potentially used another MVC framework
  • Have dabbled a bit in Rails and would like to get more in-depth


Day 1 - Ruby Intro / Rails Quickstart

  • Working with IRB (interactive Ruby)
  • Ruby language basics
  • Everything is an object
  • Developing classes and modules
  • Blocks and iterators
  • Regular expressions and String processing
  • How Domain Specific Languages are created in Ruby
  • Introduction to eRB (embedded Ruby)
  • Rails set up / dev sprint

Day 2

  • Unit tests and fixtures
  • Cleaning your views with Layouts
  • ActionController filters
  • ActiveRecord filters and observers
  • Ajax and Rails
  • Functional testing in Rails
  • Advanced Active Record associations
  • Sending mail
  • Active Resource & RESTful development
  • Ruby SOAP API (as time allows)

Day 3

  • Generating XML with Builder
  • Processing XML with REXML
  • Working with routes
  • Integration testing
  • Acceptance testing w/ Selenium
  • Receiving and processing mail
  • Creating plugins
  • Using gems
  • Deployment and scaling
  • Deployment with Capistrano
  • Rails performance optimization
  • Managing multiple DB connections

Developers who are interested in joining us should send an email to or contact Megan Alexander at 703-891-0670, ex 137.

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