Tips For Coding HTML Email

Jim Basio, Former Viget

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For many, designing and coding for emails can become a frustrating task. With so many different types of email clients that each seem to follow distinct standards, many hours can be spent just to figure out what works. Luckily, there are great resources available for reference.

The following list contains both css and html tips to ensure your HTML emails look great when delivered!

  • Great general overview for HTML emails. LINK
  • Campaign Monitor offers an excellent guide to email CSS support that covers both web- and desktop-based email apps. LINK
  • Premailer is a good tool for checking inline CSS in your email template. LINK
  • The Email Standards Project works to improve web standards support and accessibility in email. They have also put together the Email Standards Project Acid Test. LINK
  • A great Flickr group with people showing just how frustrating creating HTML emails for Gmail can be. LINK

Additional resources:

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