The Web and Good Will: Lists of 50

Peyton Crump, Former Design Director

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It's about this time each year that I spend a little bit of down-time reflecting on the year at Viget Labs, our clients, our projects, and the design team. I peruse the web for reflections on 2006 and predictions for 2007 as they relate to the web, web design, and more. I think about company goals as well as personal goals. It's overwhelming, inspiring, exciting, and laughable in some cases. So to put it simply, I've given up on a more lengthy, more insightful, and mostly regurgitated post on the state of web design and beyond. Instead, I'll simply offer this: links to several lists, each with 50 items. 3 of the lists speak to some interesting and successful sites that have made an impact this year. The other lists, well, perhaps you're still looking for some New Year's resolutions. Here's to a successful 2006, and a happy and rewarding 2007.

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