The Developers Are Coming!

Ben Scofield, Former Viget

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Hopefully, most of the people who read this blog are aware of the Developer Day phenomenon - the one-day, low-cost, technology-agnostic event series that we've been putting on with Relevance. I'm sure that most of you are also following @developer_day, and that you've kept a watch on the website... but just in case you aren't, you don't, and you haven't, I'd like to call your attention to the next event: Developer Day Boston!

On August 15th, we're partnering with thoughtbot to bring John Resig, Stu Halloway, and more great speakers together to talk about cutting-edge topics and trends. Registration will be opening soon, so keep hitting refresh on the Developer Day page to be sure to grab your seat, and we'll see you there!

(What's that? You don't live anywhere near Boston? Never fear! Plans for the next Developer Day are already in progress, and we're always looking for suggestions on where to come next. Demand your own Developer Day, today!)

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