Technology’s Role in Times of Crises

Stephanie Hay, Former Viget

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We think about Internet business every day – how to improve the bottom line by maximizing search engine marketing strategies, creating intuitive designs, and, ultimately, forging our roles as leaders in web innovations. But, when senseless tragedies like those at Virginia Tech occur, we find ourselves momentarily interrupted from business as usual. Everywhere we look – across television, newspapers, radio, and, of course, the Internet – people are reminded that life is precious and, at times, overwhelming. Even in the information age, where vast media is saturated with facts and speculation alike, questions during such crises remain unanswered. It brings new meaning to and qualifies our work at the same time. Regardless of the details that undoubtedly will continue to unfold, one fact remains: lives were saved thanks to evolving technologies like email and cell phones. Information in this age travels at speed unparalleled, but arguably not fast enough at times. Luckily, the work we do in our industry contributes to maximizing the potential of the web to inform – in fact, to reach across boundaries and capitalize on the user experience to a universal degree. It’s that unifying quality that tells stories and engages users to take action. And, where the rubber meets the road, sometimes that action can make all the difference. Several members of our staff here at Viget Labs attended Virginia Tech, and many of our clients and colleagues have children who attended or are attending the University. The entire Virginia Tech and Blacksburg community is in our thoughts.

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