SXSWi 2010, Three Amigos, and Ficly

Tom Osborne, Former VP, Design

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As the famed SXSW Interactive conference approaches we wanted to let you know that Viget Labs will be in attendance for yet another year. If you plan to attend, be sure and say hello to Ben Scofield, Doug Avery, and Brian Talbot from the Labs of which Ben and Brian will be talking about these delicious topics:

Jacks of All Trades or Masters of One?

Brian Talbot

The web originated with generalists - webmasters designing, building, and developing. Today, a web team can have a dozen different specialist roles, each highly-focused. With that in mind, what are the strengths of specialists and generalists, and when are each put to their best use on a project or in an organization?

Mind Control: Psychology for the Web

Ben Scofield

We all know web design tricks to getting people to do what you want – make buttons bigger, use accent colors, etc. There are other strategies, however, that rely on the more proven tools of psychology; this session will explore reciprocity, scarcity, and more, and see how effective they can be.


Web Awards Finalist

In other news, our client Ficly has been nominated for a SXSW Web Award in the CSS category. You might recognize the design work. It's a project we're real proud of and we'll be pulling for our friends Kevin Lawver and Jason Garber to take home the award.

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