Summer Internships 2010

Emily Bloom, Vice President of People and Culture

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It's mid-March and our internship application review process is in full swing. We are looking for impressive rising seniors in college who have web design, development, or online marketing skills. Sadly, our internships are not right for people who want to learn the basics; they are geared towards young people who have found a way to pick up a lot of skills already. (Someday we'd love to create a pre-internship program to provide a crash course to the uninitiated.)  We've heard from some talented people, but we're hoping to get a few more applicants in the pool before we make our decisions. 

We recently posted a new internship aimed at MBA students or MBA hopefuls. Check it out and tell your entrepreneurial friends - it's a pretty unique position. Update: Position filled!

There are internship openings at both offices, they are paid, and they are intense. Read the details closely and apply with care. We only take the best!

Emily Bloom

Emily is Viget's VP of People & Culture, hailing from our Durham, NC, office. She specializes in heart-to-hearts and asking questions that don’t have concrete answers.

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