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Rick at ReadWriteWeb has a good write-up about SpeakerRate. He sets up the reason why SpeakerRate exists really nicely with this intro:

If you’re a speaker, you know that standing in front of a crowd isn’t half as hard as getting critical feedback on your talks. People who disliked it will generally remain silent or opt for a snarky tweet or two. Those close to you will tell you “You did great!” no matter how poorly you performed. Getting the feedback you need to improve can be the most difficult part of the whole process.


While he liked the concept and UI, Rick found the LinkedIn validation step to feel a bit spammy, which is consistent with feedback we’ve been getting from other folks. I commented on his post to try to clarify (updates to your LinkedIn profile can be temporary—we aren’t begging for links/mentions on LinkedIn!) but suffice it to say we’re working on changes to that part of the process to make it less scary.

Keep the great feedback coming!

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