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Jen Krupey, Former Viget

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Today, I gave a presentation regarding Social Media Marketing at the Women In Technology event, "Intersection of Marketing and Media." Other panelists included Matt Goddard (R2integrated), Susan Kearney (Smith|Gifford), and Brian Reed (BoxTone). My content wasn't earth-shattering (I only had 7 minutes!), but I got a lot of requests to post the slides - mostly because I included a case study about the Motrin Moms drama that broke over the weekend. I've inlcuded the slides below.

Shout outs to other bloggers whose content I read and re-purposed for my presentation. This includes, but is not limited to: Jessica Gottlieb (the mom who started it all on Twitter), Jeremiah Owyang, Laura Fitton, and LadyBug Landing (the women behind the backlash video). Lastly, props to the folks who got involved in the conversation (I guess that's me, now), and reminded a lot of people and one company of how quickly a groundswell can spread through social media. Not only did Motrin miss the mark with an out of touch ad, but they missed an opportunity to quickly respond to the rising crisis through their Twitter account (no mention at all of the issue!) or other available social media tools.

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