Six Months Already?

Stephanie Hay, Former Viget

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In the past six months since I started working as a project manager with Viget Labs, I've found about 932 reasons why working here is so radical. Here are three:
  1. Brilliant colleagues. Being surrounded by talented people who can handle pressure gracefully while regularly surpassing expectations is priceless. It makes for an upbeat, supportive, intensely collaborative, creative environment. Before Viget, I was restless and thoroughly disillusioned. So, I was foaming at the mouth during my interview with the Lab. Luckily, they hired me anyway. I still drool over my own job.
  2. Inherent mentoring program. Founders -- and superfly brothers -- Brian and Andy created an almost familial atmosphere (Andy's camera is seemingly a fixture around his neck) that cultivates learning. The open-door policy is taken seriously. I’m taught by the very best designers, developers, and marketing strategists. We share information internally on a wiki and blog and publicly on 4Labs, Twitter, and Facebook. It all goes to making me a better PM. I love that. My clients do, too.
  3. Respect. Integrity and respect here are paramount. The uncompromising quality of our work is complemented by unique staff rewards like catered lunches on Fridays (which double as our staff meetings); an annual dinner that isn't boring; and team building activities every few months like go-karting. Oh, and the full health insurance doesn't hurt, either.
All that constant learning and self improvement in the past seven years helps us to be industry innovators, and it's provided our clients with successful solutions that keep 'em coming back for more. Until I got here, I thought "generous benefits" was a bloated phrase companies used instead of the less appealing, but more realistic, "Hey! It's a paycheck!" Now, I actually *feel* like a valued individual who's part of a larger, dynamic team. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of something that extraordinary?

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