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FALLS CHURCH, VA - Renowned author and blogger, Seth Godin, today released his latest ebook "Everyone's an Expert (about something)" (download here or see the blog entry). In it, Seth outlines his vision for Squidoo, a co-op web site which makes it easy for people to build single web pages, dubbed lenses, that "highlight one person's view of the Web." Lenses will complement, not replace, blogs and other web sites and will allow experts on millions of topics to summarize their knowledge and opinions using a simple, standard format. As Seth notes "Lenses don't hold content. They point to content. And, like all good guides, they comment on what they point to."

Download and read the ebook for the full story.

To make a reality -- a web platform that will support thousands of lensmasters building millions of lenses for many more millions of visitors -- Seth turned to Viget Labs.

"We believe that Squidoo will fundamentally enhance the way people use the web. Working with a visionary like Seth Godin and the great team he's pulled together at Squidoo has been extremely satisfying," said Brian Williams, Viget Labs' CEO.

Viget's balanced skills in interface design, complex system architecture, and scalable application development, as well as our experience utilizing the latest web technologies, make the ideal match for Squidoo's needs.

Squidoo is currently in beta. Enter your email address at to be notified when the site launches.

About Seth Godin

Seth Godin is the author of seven books that have been bestsellers around the world. His last book was written with 32 other authors, and all royalties go straight to charity. Nearly ten years ago, Seth founded Yoyodyne, which originated the idea of permission marketing online. After Yoyodyne was acquired by Yahoo, he served as VP Direct Marketing for Yahoo for about a year. In 2000, Godin focused full-time on his career as an acclaimed public speaker, an author and a blogger. Seven of Seth’s books have been bestsellers somewhere around the world, and his blog has been picked as the best business blog by several leading publications including Forbes, Marketing Sherpa and ClickZ. Godin is the founder of

About Viget Labs

Founded in 1999 and based outside of Washington, DC, Viget Labs provides web strategy, creative design, and technical development services to clients around the country in a variety of industries. Viget Labs projects vary from media-rich web design to technically-innovative database and software development to complex systems integration and support services.

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