Ruby Hack Night

Matt Swasey, Former Viget

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A couple of co-workers and I have been tossing around the idea of having a Ruby Hack Night in the DC metropolitan area for the past few weeks. We are going to start out small, and have a very informal gathering at Murky Coffee in downtown Arlington on the night of June 18th, the third Wednesday of the month. If you would like to join us, we will be there starting at 7pm. Murky Coffee does not take space reservations, so we don't have a set aside meeting location. I am going to try and get the back room which holds about ten people comfortably. If we have a larger crowed that than, we can migrate to the upstairs. So, we'd love to see you there if you are a Ruby hacker wanting to get together with other DC Ruby hackers and work on various projects (of your choice). We will ask everyone there what they are going to work on, and what they would like help with if anyone is interested. So, if you have a project, bring that, if you don't have a project, but would like to help someone else with theirs, that would be awesome. Hope to see you there!

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