Reroute Plugin for Craft

You know what's really annoying? Having a million redirects in your .htaccess file. When we build EE sites, Detour Pro has become a part of our builds so that other team members and clients can manage redirects. But, that solution won't really work when you launch your first Craft site for a client!

Introducing Reroute for Craft

I had previously built a couple of small Craft plugins, but none with control panel sections and database tables. So I decided to dig in and give it a shot.

What came out was a lovely simple interface for adding redirects. Here is the page that lists your redirects:

Reroute List

And here is the simple form to add a new Reroute:

Reroute New

Tom Haverford

I've gotta say the Craft Documentation and Cocktail Recipes sample plugin were extremely helpful in building it. There were still times where I couldn't find what I needed, but luckily Pixel & Tonic was always there to help!

You can download the plugin on GitHub. Enjoy!

Trevor Davis

Trevor is a front-end development director who specializes in writing bulletproof code for clients including the World Wildlife Fund, the NFLPA, and the Human Rights Campaign.

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