Reagan to Present at Viget-Sponsored NovaRUG Meeting

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FALLS CHURCH, VA – On July 18, Viget Labs will sponsor the Northern Virginia Ruby User's Group (NovaRUG) meeting in Reston at which Director of Application Development Patrick Reagan will compare FlexMock and Mocha, two mocking libraries, used in testing Ruby and Rails code.

"I'd like to see what mocking libraries other developers in the local community are using – which ones they prefer and why," Reagan said. "I've gone back and forth between tools during my experiences in testing Ruby code and have finally decided on my own preferences."

Reagan said attendees of the NovaRUG meeting who are new to the subject will gain a better understanding of how to test code in complicated scenarios using mock objects and stubs; those who already are familiar will gain new insight on the pros and cons of each library in real-world applications.

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