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FALLS CHURCH, VA – Patrick Reagan, Development Director at Viget Labs – a dynamic, web consulting company based in Falls Church, VA – will see his Rails recipe, "Custom Response Formats," published in May 2008 in Advanced Rails Recipes by Mike Clark and the Pragmatic Programmers. A beta .PDF of the book has just been released.

"We've been working heavily with Rails for application development for awhile," Reagan said. "So it's great to be recognized for my work both in and outside of Viget."

So, what's it about?

"Typically, when users interact with a web application they are presented with a format that they can view in their browser, like HTML. This doesn't have to be the case: this recipe shows how easy it is to push different data formats to the user. MP3 in this case; but, others are possible."

Reagan recognizes the potential to use this when creating applications that provide streaming audio, calendaring, or other non-HTML representations and may build new recipes upon this in the future. In fact, another of his recipes is currently under review, possibly for inclusion in the May 2008 release.

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