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FALLS CHURCH, VA – Patrick Reagan, Viget Labs' Director of Application Development, will present "Changing Your Mind-set: Getting Started with Test-Driven Development" at the Lone Star Ruby Conference in Austin, TX, on Sept. 7-8, 2007.

"I'd like those who are just getting into the automated testing space to see what benefits they can expect when testing their application code upfront," Reagan said. "I want to demonstrate scenarios where we can improve test quality through the use of mocks and stubs to avoid testing extraneous code."

Reagan will join David Chelimsky of Articulated Man, Inc. and Chris Wanstrath of Err Free as part of the testing-related track. His discussion centers on the principles of Test-Driven Development and how the developer's mind-set must change to produce better code. He'll also touch on how existing tools – from code coverage reporting to mocking libraries – can address challenges that developers face each day.

"There is a tendency to use coverage analysis tools to check that a piece of code is 'well tested.' I'd like people to see that, while these metrics are useful, they don't always give you accurate results."

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