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Brian Williams, Co-Founder & CEO

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Pickle LogoToday our friends at Pickle.com announced that they will be joining Scripps Networks (coverage at TechCrunch and paidContent.org). Scripps runs cable channels like HGTV and Food Network, and their online counterparts are some of the most visited lifestyle sites on the Web. They are doing a number of acquisitions and Deanna Brown, AOL and Yahoo veteran and relatively new president of Scripps Networks Interactive Group, seems to have a clear vision for what she's building.
"It’s becoming clear that consumers have an appetite for both the professional guidance they have come to rely on from our branded Web sites as well as the insights and sensibilities they can get from the user-generated experience," said Deanna Brown, president of Scripps Networks Interactive Group. "User-generated content is the perfect complement to the authoritative resources currently provided by our brands and will allow us to broaden and deepen our relationship with audiences through open, two-way conversations centered around content, community and commerce opportunities in the food, home and living categories."
We've worked with Pickle for about 18 months, helping with everything from user experience design to marketing strategies to their systems infrastructure. There's more history -- in the pre-Viget late 90's I worked with John and Leo at their web consulting firm Clara Vista. I've enjoyed having a chance to work with them again on this venture. Andy and I had dinner with John and Leo tonight to congratulate them on the deal. Though we were along for much of the ride, we had a chance to recap first-hand the venture from conception to today, and reflect a bit on how it all went. Some of their lessons learned are off-the-record, but one thing they emphasized was clear: speed matters. From software development to raising funds to streamlining due diligence, when they were able to move quickly good things happened for everyone, and when there were delays they were particularly painful. They've worked extremely hard over the past couple of years to make Pickle successful and seem genuinely excited about their potential to have a positive impact at Scripps. Congratulations to everyone involved.
Brian Williams

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