Pending User Plugin for Craft

Trevor Davis, Former Front-End Development Technical Director

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On a recent project that was built on Craft, I finally got the chance the kick the tires on building a members-only section with Craft. Out of the box, Craft provides so much user functionality, but the user moderation process wasn’t exactly what the client wanted. Luckily, Craft provides us with the ability to change that process with ease.

The result of that work is Pending User, a simple user moderation plugin for Craft.

So what does the plugin do?

Simply put, it sets users to pending when they sign up, unless their domain is on the approved domains list.

When a user signs up:

  • The user is set in a pending state if their email address isn’t one of the approved domains.
  • The user receives an email saying that their account request has been received.

When an admin activates the user:

  • The user receives an email saying that their account has been activated.


As an admin, you have full control over the text of the emails that go out, as well as the list of allowed domains.

Screenshot of Pending User Settings

The plugin is available on GitHub, and I hope it comes in handy if you need to add user moderation to Craft. Feel free to submit an issue if you run into any problems or have ideas for enhancement.

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