Pamela Sorensen Gets Blogging

Ken Yarmosh, Former Viget

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Brian and I did a blog workshop last week with Pamela Sorensen. Pamela's the VP of Corporate Development at ExecutiveBiz, a local digital magazine written for Washington D.C. executives. She is a very well connected trendster who recently started a blog and was looking for some pointers. Pamela's blog (Adventures of Pamela) is quickly becoming a place to go if you want to learn about the upscale hot spots of D.C. Since I spend many a Friday night at coffee shops or bookstores (i.e., I'm not cool), what interested me was her recent articulation on why she's blogging (Why am I doing this?):
Through a blog, I can finally have a place where I can direct friends and family to the stories, happenings, people, places, things, humorous situations, without writing it through multiple emails or phone calls. Not that I don't want to socialize with my f/f, it is just easier to get everyone reading the same material at THEIR leisure.
The most important thing to remember about a blog is that it simply is a means to easily publish your content to the web. There can be a million and one reasons for doing so and that is one of the most powerful elements of blogging -- its flexibility to help you accomplish your goals. When it comes to blogging, there definitely are "best practices" but not a "one size fits all" mentality. The way your organization executes a blog will be highly dependent upon why you've decided to start it (see To Blog or Not to Blog?).

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