New NCGives Web Site Connects Givers Across North Carolina

Carolyn Hack, Senior Project Manager

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Viget Labs is proud to announce the launch of a newly redesigned web site for NCGives, a non-profit organization dedicated to celebrating and strengthening philanthropic giving among all members of North Carolina's diverse population.

In keeping with their tag line, "Connecting Givers for Good," the new NCGives site uses social media to encourage visitors to get involved in giving. Along with the web site redesign, NCGives launched a new Facebook page and groups on Flickr and Vimeo, where anyone can contribute photos, videos, and stories that showcase the giving of time, talent, or treasure in North Carolina.

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NCGives's good work helps North Carolina communities from the Appalachians to the Atlantic. An interactive Google Maps mash-up helps visitors discover where they can participate in philanthropic initiatives and giving circles across the state.

Carolyn Hack

Carolyn does project management in Viget’s Durham, NC, office. Her organization, attention to detail, and love of a good story helps Viget connect with great people.

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