NBC4 Features Watershed Web Site on Newscast and NBC4.com

Viget Labs

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FALLS CHURCH, VA (February 28, 2002) — Local web systems development firm, Viget Labs, today announced the launch of a new environmental site that's already been featured on NBC4.com as part of its environmental awareness communications effort. A joint project of the Environmental Protection Agency, WRC-TV, StormCenter Communications, the U.S. Forest Service, and the National Environmental Education and Training Foundation, the web site developed by Viget Labs is intended to educate the public about the importance of watersheds.

"We wanted to build an engaging and dynamic web site -- one that was especially kid-friendly -- to help spread the watershed awareness message to the public in a fun and interesting way," said Brian Williams, Viget Labs founder and project manager of the watershed web site effort.

Visit the site at www.watershed.interactive-environment.com.

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