Motivating Team Members: The Next Boulder Web Project Manager Happy Hour Discussion

Becky Tornes, Former Senior Project Manager

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On Thursday, January 23, Boulder-based, web-focused Project Managers will get together for another Happy Hour. Based on a poll of what topics were most interesting to members, this month’s topic will focus on motivating our teams.

We’ve all been there. Projects stretch on for months, possibly longer than expected, and it starts to wear on the team. The work becomes redundant, and team members feel uninspired and unmotivated. As Project Managers, we’re in a position to help our teams––but how exactly? What has worked for you in the past, and what hasn’t? How can you help motivate others when you yourself are feeling unmotivated? We’ll explore these questions together and hopefully walk away with some new ideas and potential solutions.

Are you a Web Project Manager in or around Boulder? Please join us on January 23!

Can’t join us, but have thoughts on ways to keep a team motivated during long projects? Comment below and let us know how!

About the Boulder Web Project Managers Meetup: We are Project Managers working in the internet industry. Our titles aren't necessarily Project Manager, but it's certainly a common responsibility we have at work. We want to discuss with other Boulder Project Managers how they handle challenges, what tools they use, and what tips they might have to share. We meet on the third Thursday of every month, and try to regularly mix in discussions with presentations! 
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