Meet the New DevNation

Ben Scofield, Former Viget

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If you've been following Developer Day, the series of local conferences we've been putting on with our friends from Relevance, you may already know this. If not, then you heard it hear first: Developer Day is no more!

OK, that's a little misleading. The truth of the matter is that we've rebranded it. Where once there was Developer Day, now there sits DevNation – it's got the same vision (of building cross-technology bonds in local communities) and fantastic content, but it's also got a brand spankin' new website and attitude to match*.


The inaugural DevNation event is in Atlanta on Saturday, April 3rd (register today!), and we've got six more events scheduled in 2010, so chances are we'll be showing up somewhere near you in the coming months. Follow @dev_nation for details, or email us (my address is

* You can thank Mindy, Rob, and Jess Martin (from Relevance) for the site, if you're so inclined.

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