Look Out! It’s Developer Day in DC!

Ben Scofield, Former Viget

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That's right, folks, we're opening up registration for Developer Day in DC. If you're interested in new and exciting developments in technology, you should mark May 30th on your calendar — we've got talks planned on hot-off-the-code-press Ruby 1.9, Cucumber for acceptance testing, and Lily and the Monome, and we're adding more even as you read this.

The inaugural Developer Day in Durham was a hit, and we expect this one to be even better, with more diverse technologies represented and more people to connect with. So join us on May 30th in Falls Church for a day full of engaging talks and good food, all for the low, low price of $50!

Note: If DC is a bit too far for a day trip, don't despair! We're planning on continuing to expand Developer Day to other cities. Email me at ben.scofield@viget.com if you're interested in more details.

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