Launch Videos and the New WWF

In 2011, according to a Cisco report (PDF), online videos accounted for 51% of all Internet traffic -- a number that continues to increase.  Video content is now common not only on e-commerce sites, where studies show that product videos increase trust and conversions, but also on informational sites where quality video content can be a more efficient and memorable way to engage, inform, and influence an audience.

Increasingly, in our industry of building digital products, a launch video can be a valuable way to drive awareness and excitement about a site launch and to quickly summarize all of the features and content available on a new site.

With that in mind, we have produced a ~60 second launch video for a recent project we're very proud of, the redesign of the World Wildlife Fund’s site.

As always, we welcome your feedback.

Zach Robbins

Zach is our Business Development Director, combining client-focused business acumen with creative digital ideas. He helps bring on new clients and ensures their success, including Discovery Channel, ESPN, Dick's Sporting Goods, and POLITICO.

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