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Brian Williams, Co-Founder & CEO

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As you can see in a couple places on this site if you look carefully, Pointless Corp. is neither pointless nor a corporation. It’s a place where we folks from Viget can get together to build little web projects when we’re not busy with client work. In some ways, it’s nothing new — like most consulting firms, we work on internal and open source projects all the time. In other ways, it’s completely new — it’s a new effort to make better use of our downtime, strengthen our teams, experiment with new technologies and processes, and try out some of the ideas that we can’t help but kick around at the Lab.

What will Pointless Corp. become? We don’t really know yet. We hope it will take us in lots of different directions, and, as the Pointless Man — or, the Pointed Man, depending on your point of view — once pointed out, “a point in every direction is the same as no point at all.” We also hope that you, our loyal blog readers, twitter followers, and app users will share with us your thoughts and criticisms along the way.

We’re looking forward to the journey.

Brian Williams

Brian is Viget's co-founder and CEO. He does everything from advising our clients to building our conference tables with his bare hands in our Falls Church, VA, HQ.

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