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This post originally appeared on Pointless Corp.

Today we’ve decided to announce our newest Pointless Corp. application: HeyCraig.

With HeyCraig, you enter an item you are interested in purchasing, followed by your email, and your location. HeyCraig will keep an eye on Craigslist, and email you when items you want are available. It’s that easy.

We wanted to keep the interface as simple as possible, and we’re busy adding new features to the application as we speak. We’re always looking for feedback so feel free to post your ideas in the comments.

Here are some testimonials for you to enjoy from people already using HeyCraig:

“Before heycraig, I had no idea how much crap there was up on craigslist. Now, I’m notified within an hour whenever the crap I’m looking for becomes available. As a result, my acquisition of more crap has increased dramatically. Thanks, heycraig!” – Brian Williams from Falls Church, VA

“heycraig helps me find what i need without getting distracted” … “by ridiculous things like missed connections and free dirt and adult employment” - Kendra, from Chicago, IL

“I can’t get onto Heycraig tonight. You haven’t taken it down, have you? I NEED it!!!” - Michael, from the Woods of NC [editor's note: We were having some server problems; sorry, folks!]

Happy Craigslisting!

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