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Steve Jobs' work has been central to my life for about as long as I can remember. When I was three years old, my dad bought our family's first Macintosh. I remember being by his side as he set it up. My dad has since made his living writing about the Macintosh -- he's been a writer for Macworld for years and authored a book about troubleshooting for the Mac. As a developer and consumer myself, I'm a die-hard Mac fan, user, and believer.

We were all sad to hear of Mr. Jobs' death. A few of my fellow Vigets and I put our heads together yesterday and launched a humble token of appreciation for him, "Inspired by Steve" ( We built the site to celebrate the inspiration Steve Jobs brought to our industry, our profession, and our lives. We want to encourage others to share how they've been inspired by Steve, too. The goal is for us all to continue in his legacy and inspire each other. I hope you'll consider sharing your thoughts and projects on the site.


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