How to Pull Together a Pancake Breakfast

Khanh Stenberg, Former Events Manager

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How to make your coworkers' day a little fuller (and tastier.)

Hey office managers, administrative assistants, and other people who generally make the office better! It’s the holidays, which most likely means your staff is out of the office and won’t be back until the new year. Why not surprise them with something fun and delicious when they return? I promise they’ll love you for it.

How to Pull Together a Pancake Breakfast

1. Pick a morning - Pancakes will make any morning better, but especially Mondays.

2. Tell people or don’t - You can let people know you’ll be cooking up pancakes to increase anticipation (and so they don’t eat breakfast beforehand), or you can keep it a secret and really surprise them.

3. Purchase the ingredients - Here are the ingredients I use, but you can get creative with it!

  • pancake mix or ingredients for real pancakes (enough for two pancakes per person)
  • syrup
  • butter (for cooking and for spreading on pancakes)
  • powdered sugar
  • whipped cream
  • fresh fruit (blueberries, strawberries, bananas)
  • mini chocolate chips

4. Gather cooking supplies - Most of this stuff I bring from home or have at the office. The electric griddle was an investment, but one that was well worth it.

  • large mixing bowl
  • measuring cups
  • ladle
  • spatula
  • electric griddle
  • plates
  • forks
  • knives
  • napkins
  • serving spoons

5. Prep the ingredients - Clean and cut the fruit and store it in separate bowls in the refrigerator. Put the powdered sugar in a shaker and the chocolate chips in a covered bowl. Doing these things the night before will leave a lot less to do in the morning.

6. Make the pancakes - Set the griddle to 375 degrees. Mix the batter. Set out the fruit, chocolate chips, whipped cream, powdered sugar, and syrup. Start taking orders as people come into the office.

And finally, take pleasure in making your coworker’s mornings a little better and a little fuller.

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