How to Enter “Beast Mode”

Joseph Le, Former Designer

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Have you been feeling uninspired lately? Do you have the best ideas in your head but can't execute them? Well look no further! This is the perfect blog post for you. 

During the early stages of the creative process, we often imprison our wild ideas inside of a cage before letting them loose. These daring thoughts, that have potential to produce amazing work, can be shut down by our fears of falling short or by thinking too critically. In order to overcome the creative block and produce great work, one must unleash the creative beast that is hidden inside and enter "Beast Mode." Entering "Beast Mode" will maximize your creative prowess and allow you to execute concepts without hesitation.

Below are four easy steps that will help you enter "Beast Mode." Let's go!



Beasts were meant to roam freely in the wild instead of being trapped in a cage. In the early stages of creating, we should be open and not be afraid to venture off into the wild. Initial brainstorming should be about coming up with the most ideas period, instead of just the most correct ideas. After we get our ideas out, then we can narrow down the choices and polish them.

As the great Bruce Lee once said, "don't think, feel." Setting up rules, rejecting ideas because of our preconceived notions, and thinking too critically will hinder our creative brainstorming. Be you and be positive. Don't try to seek approval from others or be afraid of their judgements. Staying positive and saying "yes" to ideas will allow you to think more creatively because you don't have any barriers to limit you. Your initial thoughts might seem crazy at first. However, you can always tame them and apply rules after you get them out of your head.

Also when I say, "let the beast roam freely," I mean literally. If you're a beast, then get out of that cubicle of yours and change habitats. Do your brainstorming outside, talk out loud while walking around, or even discuss your problem to a non-creative. One of my favorite things to do is to exercise during work since it keeps my blood pumping and mind focused. 



In the article, "Are Chimps Risk Takers and Gamblers? You Bet They Are," David Derbyshire compares risk-taking chimpanzees who hunt to not-so-gutsy bonobos who look for "ground-based vegetation." There is a valuable lesson to be learned here from our relatives in the wild. As a result of putting more effort into the risk of hunting, the chimpanzees have "predicted that they would exhibit greater tolerance for risk in choices about food." Playing it safe will make us grow accustomed to always settling for less. By taking more risks, we become more susceptible to coming up with big ideas under high risk situations. We can thrive in environments where bigger ideas are being generated.

"Sometimes you gotta run before you walk." - Tony Stark

We can't be daunted by the fear of failure or we will never push ourselves to go beyond the comfort zone. Don't limit yourself to the rules.

Find that line, and cross it.

When we take risks, we have to follow through 100%. Becoming fully immersed within the process will relinquish self-doubt and allow you to enjoy the ride.



In the documentary, "Last Lions," a female lion named "Ma di Tau" and her cubs were forced out of their home by a clan of lions. They were trapped in an open field with no tall grass where they could only get food by hunting a nearby buffalo herd next to a small river. However, Ma di Tau could not break the defense and organization of the herd. One day she noticed that the herd becomes in disarray whenever they try to cross the river. Therefore, she learned how to become an adept swimmer and successfully hunt buffalo in the small river. Even though lions are not known as swimmers, Ma di Tau knew that she had to adapt in order to survive.

We can learn from Ma di Tau by considering unheard-of solutions to a problem and adapting to the situation. When we approach a problem at different angles, we may realize solutions that were not available to us at first glance. If there is no solution to plan A or B, then we have to create plan C.

"To hell with circumstances I create opportunities" - Bruce Lee



Use any creative act as a way to channel your angst. Make it your refuge from all of the grievances that you face in the outside world. Instead of lingering on your failures, you should instead approach the problem head on. However, when you face this problem, you should not be blinded by your rage. Instead, take a few steps back and analyze why you are angry. Once you understand the problem and why you're angry, then it will be easier for you to approach the problem and and conquer it.



When trying to get our ideas out, let’s not worry too much about rules and limitations. The time for that comes later when we pick the best ones out of the pile. Instead, we can let our creative beasts come out of their cages and help us bring groundbreaking ideas into fruition.

What methods do you guys use to become more creative?


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