How Startups Get to Great Design: Q&A from Boulder Startup Week 2013

The Event

As part of Boulder Startup Week, Viget hosted a moderated panel session, How Startups Get to Great Design. With over 150 people in attendance, this event built upon the success of our 2012 event Startups + Great UX = Great Success.

This year’s event brought together designers from agencies and product companies to discuss what works for startups when going through a redesign. The session was valuable, with moderator Jackson Fox doing an excellent job of keeping the topics on track and making sure each panelist had a chance to speak to their experiences.


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The panelists, talented designers working inside local startups and agencies, included:

The floor then opened up for the Q&A portion. 

Question and Answer

If you didn’t get the chance to get your question addressed, please use the comments below and the designers will do their best to respond here.