Hotmail Image Problems in HTML Emails

Keith Muth, Former Viget

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Working with HTML emails can be tough with all the various email clients out there. Just ask Jim Basio, who wrote a great post on our blog with some really useful resources. Recently I was working on an HTML email that had a lot of images, and for some reason Hotmail displayed the images with weird spacing. Let's pretend the picture below is actually three separate images in an email viewed in Hotmail:

Viget Logo Broken

As you can see, there is a gap between the images. We can fix this with one simple addition to the image style with CSS:

<img src="image.jpg" alt="Viget Logo" style="display: block;" />

And that's it. Just put "display: block" on any image in your HTML. I put it inline because there are still issues with email clients reading the <style> element (for example, Hotmail). Your images should now be in the right place:

Viget Logo Fixed

The good news is that it doesn't affect the way images are displayed in other email clients. If you have other useful tips for HTML emails let us know!

UPDATE: This problem only seems to happens in Hotmail when using Firefox (although I feel like I saw it in IE before...). Another good tip, from a reader named Jurre-Jan Smit, was that you can just put the code in the <style> element in the <head> (for Live Hotmail) and <body> (for old school Hotmail) so that you don't need to put it inside every image. I just tend to use inline styles in emails because they're more specific. I've found Campaign Monitor's guide on CSS support in emails very useful for answering compatibility questions. Keep the useful tips coming!

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