Hilarious Instructions Make Installation Easier

Stephanie Hay, Former Viget

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When you're a smaller company competing with a larger, more established (read: name-brand recognition) one, you have to find new ways to separate yourself from the ingrained competition. We've talked about this often around the lab, particularly in association with brand personality discussions around everything from MINI to Southwest to Coke.

So Peerless Faucets, as Tom learned, is taking that notion of brand personality and applying it whole-heartedly. When he chose the Peerless faucet over other brands like Kohler or Moen, for example, he was at first concerned. However, as he dug into Peerless' rather personal and hilarious installation instructions, he converted from a skeptic to a fan in a matter of moments.

It's not everyday that the user experience of installing a faucet, which is normally led by hard-to-read graphics and poorly labeled directions, is so enjoyable. The instructional content isn't just funny, but it's also MUCH easier to follow thanks to their brevity and detail.

Peerless established itself to Tom -- and probably lots of other people -- as an approachable company that understands you're a person trying to do something you don't do everyday. They understand a little humor is the perfect remedy to what otherwise can be a frustrating process, and made their mark by jumping outside of the box to communicate installation in a personable way.

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