TTT: High Flips and Screen Prints

Khanh Stenberg, Former Events Manager

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Time seems to fly here at Viget and for the most recent TTT event, so does the staff! Falls Church and Durham headed to Rebounderz and Defy Gravity to test out a newish trend, indoor trampoline parks. Shockingly, we're nowhere near close to the level of Olympic trampolining, but we're pretty fearless when it comes to foam pits and dodgeball. I'm just thankful that we all hopped away without any major injuries.

After we completely exhasted ourselves with just an hour of jumping, we headed out to grab some beers and food to cool down and refuel. Tommy competed and destroyed the Flatliner Challege by eating a dozen of their hottest wings. He worked from home the next day.

As we were learning that we're not as young and agile as we used to be, Boulder was learning the art of screen printing. They walked down the street to Factory Made and took Screen Printing 101, taught by Jupiter Visual.

Blair designed the print and is quite happy with the finished product.

As always, a huge thanks to Brian and Andy for letting us do great things and being absolutely fearless leaders.

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