Herding Developers

Ben Scofield, Former Viget

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Developer Day has taken the east coast by storm, with great receptions in DurhamDC, and Boston (check SpeakerRate for all the details). As we reflected on the next steps, then, the natural progression was to move west – so that's what we're d oing. On October 10th, Developer Day will be thundering into Boulder, Colorado (home of TechStars, and a number of exciting companies and startups). 

We've started to finalize the program, and so far it looks great. There's a huge pool of developer talent in Colorado, and we're aiming to pull in as much of it as we can to speak at the event.

If you'll be anywhere near Boulder around October 10th, you should definitely plan to attend – early bird registration is only $50, which will get you a full day of great talks, smart people to chat with, breakfast, lunch, and a t-shirt. Who could resist that deal? Register today!

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