Happy Halloween from Viget (and Pointless Corp.)

We're always playing with new technologies and platforms around here — perhaps none more than Nate Hunzaker. He recently has been leveraging his professional development time to create a light-weight chat application (doppelganger) using WebRTC, a new web standard that allows for real-time communication such as video and messaging.

With the help of the talented new guy (Billy French), a really impressive new javascript library (Parallax.JS) and the Halloween spirit (mostly candy), we put together Haunted Hills!

Haunted Hills transforms you and your friends into various scary objects within a dynamic Halloween scene. Make sure you have a webcam and the latest versions of either Chrome or Firefox for the full experience, or just appreciate the scenery on other modern browsers or devices.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

Ben Eckerson

Ben thinks big and dreams up digital strategies and campaigns for clients such as NBC Sports, Duke University, and Ponysaurus from our Durham, NC, office.

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