Happy Halloween from Viget (and Pointless Corp.)

Ben Eckerson, Former Senior Digital Strategist

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We're always playing with new technologies and platforms around here — perhaps none more than Nate Hunzaker. He recently has been leveraging his professional development time to create a light-weight chat application (doppelganger) using WebRTC, a new web standard that allows for real-time communication such as video and messaging.

With the help of the talented new guy (Billy French), a really impressive new javascript library (Parallax.JS) and the Halloween spirit (mostly candy), we put together Haunted Hills!

Haunted Hills transforms you and your friends into various scary objects within a dynamic Halloween scene. Make sure you have a webcam and the latest versions of either Chrome or Firefox for the full experience, or just appreciate the scenery on other modern browsers or devices.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween!

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