Happy Anniversary, Viget!

Hilary Barnes, Former Viget

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It's tradition at Viget to celebrate the company's anniversary in April. This year, with the state of the economy not far from anyone's mind, we decided to downplay the event's typical formality for something more casual -- but no less fun -- with a trip to DC's own Nationals Stadium.

After a nearly-full work day and financial recap of the quater, Vigeteers piled into a large bus with their spouses/significant others. We headed up to the stadium in epic traffic: tasty snacks and adult beverages onboard the bus made things a little more tolerable. Once at the ballpark, we headed to a private conference space to toast our nine years in business.

We honored Todd Bayliss for his five vigorous years with Viget. Plus, we thanked our families for their willingness to share us with Viget. 

After slideshows and a bit of trivia, we hit the game.  We were thrilled to have fabulous seats, despite the fact that the Nats lost to the Marlins.

Despite a few last-minute snafus, a great time was had by all. Here's to nine years, Viget -- and many more to come!

Special thanks to Brian and Andy for continuing to provide us with such fun activities, no matter what the economic climate. You guys rock.




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