Happy 13th Birthday, Viget!

Khanh Stenberg, Former Events Manager

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Ever since Viget turned 10 we've celebrated each successful year with an overnight adventure, and this year was no different. We absolutely fell in love with Montfair two years ago and we jumped at the opportunity to return. From a planning standpoint, there's a huge advantage in being familiar with a venue. It lets you focus more time on how to make the event even bigger and better, and that's just what we did.

The Boulder team flew to either the Falls Church or Durham office and spent a few days working from the East Coast. Our project managers, user experience designers, business development team, and developers held team offsites the days leading up to TTT. By Friday, we were ready to have the whole team together.

As everyone arrived at Montfair, we enjoyed a catered, grilled lunch on the deck by Chef Ted and his team.

Once we filled our bellies and soaked up some sun, we settled in for the quarterly progress meeting. Each of our labs shared "core beliefs" and we demoed a very exciting project that we can't quite reveal yet, but let's just say Viget has something very cool in the works.

When the clock struck 5, it was time to party. We started with drinks and appetizers on the deck.

Brave campers pitched their tents before the sun set behind the mountains.

And before we knew it, the lodge was transformed into a cozy dining room.

Dinner was delicious, but slightly overshadowed by silly straws, tattoos, and the photo booth.

We were thrilled to mark the 5 year anniversaries of five of our teammates: David, Brian, Mindy, Owen, and Tom, who all started working at Viget in 2008.

As always, the Vigetry competition was fierce, especially this year since we raised the stakes.

As night fell we gathered around the bonfire, sang songs, and roasted marshmallows.

The morning came quickly and the air was brisk, but quickly warmed up just in time for a hawk show-and-tell from local falconer, Kevin Markey.

It wouldn't be a true camping trip without learning how to live and survive in the wild. So we had The Living Earth School come teach us how to make a fire using a bowdrill, find edible plants in the wild, build a shelter from debris, and shoot a bow-n-arrow at a target.

A huge "thank you" to these guys for letting us celebrate 13 years of Viget.

But more importantly, for creating a company where this, this, and this are the norm.

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