Google Launches Improved Realtime Search

Anjali McKenzie, Former UX Researcher

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Google just re-launched it's realtime search results with a new look, URL , and features. Some key improvements include the ability to search by location or source (Twitter-only, for example), conversation view - giving you the all the buzz from start to realtime, and realtime alerts based on your chosen search terms and delivered up to the minute, daily, or weekly.

Could this be the end to many of the third-party social media monitoring tools currently out there?  Some claim that Google's realtime search already does what Twitter won't. I would venture to say that yes, Google realtime search will replace many tools out there, especially if Google considers rolling out some social media metrics tracking to go along with this (possibly synching it up more closely with Google Analytics?) Looking forward to what they have in store next for realtime search.

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