Google and Yahoo! Join PPC Forces

Josh Chambers, Former Viget

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For those of you who think Google is set on taking over the world, add this to the list: Google pay-per-click ads will now show up on Yahoo! search engine results. The two companies signed a 10 year deal thus further increasing Google's dominance in the paid-search world.

AdAge put together a great article summarizing a few of the details and I would encourage you to read it.

While this deal is causing fear of rising CPC costs, increased government scrutiny, and Yahoo! becoming more reliant on Google; there are also a few pros such as small business being able to advertise on both Google and Yahoo! from one platform and Google learning from Yahoo's successful display advertising techniques (especially with Google's acquisition of DoubleClick).

This won't affect the consumer for at least another 3 months as Google and Yahoo! have agreed to delay implementation to allow the Justice Department to read the fine print. Hopefully, it wont be Senator Ted Stevens doing the reviewing (see below).


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