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Here at Viget, we love working with young start-ups to help them establish their identities and express a personality that really stands out.

Recently we worked with our friends at MoreBetterLabs to design a new marketing homepage for Ruzuku is an online social learning community, and it needed a more compelling homepage design to coincide with the launch of user registration.

As you can see, the original page was pretty basic ...

Ruzuku before the redesign

... While the new design gives this start-up much more personality!

Ruzuku after the redesign

After learning more about Ruzuku, we created a series of mood boards to explore different design directions and narrow down the best fit. This final concept is bright and welcoming, and the polaroids feature images of real users -- which help give an engaging new face to the Ruzuku community.

"It was a lot of fun working with you guys on this, and we're very happy with the design," said Jackson Fox, Principal Interaction Designer at MoreBetterLabs (and Viget alum). We had a blast working together on this, and congratulations to the Ruzuku team!

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