Git with remotes and SVN

Ben Scofield, Former Viget

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The laziness plugin I've been working on is hosted in two different SCM systems: Subversion, at Viget's SVN repository, and git, at GitHub. I use git in development, which means that pushing out to GitHub is easy - but maintaining a git-svn connection at the same time is a little tricky. Starting from this post, I finally got things moving. Basically, I created a local branch to interact with SVN independently of the main development; when new features (like the specific exception handling I added recently) are done, I push 'em out to GitHub normally. Then I switch into the aforementioned local branch, merge from master, and dcommit them up. The only problem I've run into is the occasional conflict on merging from master - and that's easily resolvable by editing the conflicted file and git adding it before committing and dcommitting. I long for the day when I can get by on git alone, but until then this appears to be a workable solution.

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