Get Your Web Site Into Shape in 2008

Trace Johnson, Former Viget

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We here at Viget Labs know that your web site might not be the sexy, sleek machine you know it could be. Here are some recommendations that will bring the type of gratifying results you can tell your friends about:

Trim Your Web Site

  1. Get Analytics: Knowing what’s happening on your web site is crucial. My heart breaks a little when clients don’t track their site’s performance – especially because it’s free (see Google Analytics). If you need help, check Google’s list of Google Authorized Analytics Consultants, (we’re one) and just ask.
  2. Get focused: Why do you have a web site? Do visitors know what you’re offering? Can your customers find what they’re looking for? Answer these questions, and then fix areas that aren’t achieving your goals and those of your customers, too.
  3. Start Optimizing for Search: If none of your content is text-based, you are making a mistake. Have a link-building strategy and target keyword list to optimize your online presence for growth. Take the time to read about search engine optimization at or one of the other 60,000 articles about it. Test your content’s performance. Substantiate your online budget with factual data.
This can be the year you radically improve your web site. These three tips will get you started in the right direction. Stay tuned for more.

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