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Emily Bloom, Vice President of People and Culture

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It's internship application season! We're actively reviewing applicants for this summer* and I'm reflecting on the talented people we've gotten to know over the years through our internships. Ah, nostalgia! Of course, a lot of them still work here with us, so I don't have to feel too nostalgic. Those who we don't see every day still have a place in the collective Viget heart and it's great to see them kicking butt at their respective crafts.

I thought I'd share what I know of the current status of our recent interns:

  1. Blair Culbreth (Designer, summer of 2009). Blair is currently a designer at Viget and doing great work.
  2. Paul Koch (Marketer, summer of 2009). Paul is currently a marketing specialist at Viget working with clients like PUMA and Hershey.
  3. Joseph Le (Designer, summer of 2010). Joseph is a student at George Mason University with a sweet portfolio.
  4. John Dyer (Developer, summer of 2010). John is currently a RailsDog in Washington, DC.
  5. Zach Robbins (Product Manager, summer of 2010). Zach continues to be a PT intern (on SpeakerRate) and FT student at Covenant College.
  6. Steve Schoeffel (Designer, fall of 2010). Steve is currently a designer at Viget and working on our PUMA projects.
  7. Stewart McCoy (UX/IA, fall of 2010). Stewart is currently an Information Architect at Mule Design in San Francisco.
  8. Ethan Geyer (Designer, spring of 2011). Ethan is a current design intern at Viget and a student at the Arts Institute in Durham, NC.
  9. Bethany Nuechterlein (Designer, spring of 2011). Bethany is a current design intern at Viget.

*Our internship this summer is described here and is well suited to visual designers, front-end developers, and UX designers. 

I'm excited to see who joins our illustrious internship alumni list this summer and what achievements await them all.

Emily Bloom

Emily is Viget's VP of People & Culture, hailing from our Durham, NC, office. She specializes in heart-to-hearts and asking questions that don’t have concrete answers.

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