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Brian Williams, Co-Founder & CEO

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I've been a Twitter fan boy for some time, but we just recently got around to using our Viget account on Twitter.  We're using the TwitterFeed service to pump the "master" Viget RSS feed into the account, so a tweet is automatically generated each time a new post goes up on any of our company blogs.  That includes this one, which cover company announcements, as well as Inspire (design), Extend (development), Engage (marketing), and Advance (strategy).

We'll also start to use our Twitter account to get messages out that don't warrant a full blog post.  We're not out to make noise, though -- expect the tweets to be kept to a minimum. 

So, if you want to keep up with what we're thinking, doing, and writing about at Viget, feel free to follow us on Twitter.  Thanks!

Brian Williams

Brian is Viget's co-founder and CEO. He does everything from advising our clients to building our conference tables with his bare hands in our Falls Church, VA, HQ.

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