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Owen Shifflett, Art Director

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I recently had the opportunity to give a talk to senior design majors at my alma mater and review their individual portfolios. A few weeks before the event, I was having a hard time wrapping my head around how I was going to conclude the presentation. I realized that a recap of my personal design career saga probably wouldn't be the best closing. Instead, I decided to focus on two things: the easiest way to get a portfolio online, and the best job sites that cater to designers.

After returning to Viget HQ, I noticed that these collected sites might be of interest to other people out there in the blogosphere. This post doesn't cater to web designers alone. Whether your focus is in print, industrial, packaging, branding, or any other design-oriented field, these resources may help you get your work online and open opportunities for you.

Portfolio Sites

These are a selection of portfolio sites that are either free or inexpensive to use. If you aren't comfortable creating your own site to show your work, these can act as a way to get your work in front of potential employers quickly and professionally. Remember that not only will your work be accessible anywhere the internet is found, but will also be working for you around the clock. My personal suggestion is to not limit yourself to one resource; use them all. The more places your work can be found, the more potential pageviews you'll get.

Design Specific Job Sites

Let me stress that there is nothing wrong with larger job sites. I recommend that you look down all potential avenues when you are on the job hunt. That said, this particular selection is slanted toward the design crowd who wants to narrow their searches instead of having to sift through a huge career warehouse site like Jobster. (Refer to your locals Job section)

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Know Any More?

These are some of the sites that I've come across while working/looking for work in the design field. Please feel free to comment with any sites that I'm missing, and I'll add it to the list!

Owen Shifflett

Owen is a ferociously passionate collaborator and independent thinker for clients such as PUMA, Cisco, and Dick's Sporting Goods. He is an art director at Viget's HQ in Falls Church, VA.

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