Ending the Great H1 Debate

Keith Muth, Former Viget

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Most of us have seen the website The H1 Debate where people could vote on whether the H1 should only be used as a site's logo OR used as a the main heading on a page. The point being that you could only use one H1 on a page. This inspired Josh to blog about the extremely violent disputes we have had about the subject around the office. I've always thought it was fine to use multiple H1's on a page where appropriate and sparingly. However many people, such as SEO experts, have claimed that using multiple H1's on a page is frowned upon by the search engine gods (such as Google) since it could appear you were loading your site with dirty SEO tactics thus hurting your page ranking. Today Samantha sent me an interesting video from Google software engineer Matt Cutts on the Google Webmaster Central Channel that seems to quell the debate:

In the words of Brian Talbot, "Let there be peace among the semantic masses"


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