The ExpressionEngine Side of the New Part 1

Trevor Davis, Former Front-End Development Technical Director

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Before I started at Viget, I remember thoroughly enjoying the articles by Doug about building in EE. That was really some of my first exposure to EE, and from there I’ve come to love it. My hope is that I can recreate some of Doug’s magic and talk through how I built the current iteration of the Viget site in EE. I know, it’s gonna be hard to do. This post is going to be broken into multiple posts, but buckle up, this is gonna be a long one.

The Plan

I’ll provide some more details on some of the following, but this was the outlined plan:

  1. Switch the old to use Disqus comments
  2. Recreate the old locally
  3. Upgrade to EE 2.4
  4. Create new channel structure
  5. Migrate the blogs from 5 weblogs, to 1 channel with a category for each of the 4 blogs (we dropped 1 blog)
  6. Build all the templates
  7. Add all the new content
  8. Right before launch, manually insert the new blog posts (since we were using Disqus and it was tied to the entry ID)

Why Disqus?

A couple of reasons:

  • We liked the social integration.
  • We knew the process of building and launching the new site was going to take a while. I didn’t want to have to import all the new comments into I just wanted to use Disqus and not even think about it.

How’d the upgrade go?

Well, we went from EE 1.6.2 to 2.4, and it was 100% seamless. Not once did we encounter an error. Pretty impressive if you ask me.

Why not just start from scratch?

We had 1250+ blog entries, 50 profile entries, and 100 authors. It just seemed easier to upgrade than to use an importer tool.

What’s the new channel structure like?

Whiteboard photo: EE planning process

I can’t even count the number of EE sites I’ve built, but to me, the best way to define your channel structure is to use a whiteboard.


This is used to list all the benefits you get from working at Viget.

Screenshot of Benefit entry page

  • Benefit (Text)
  • Sort Order (Low Reorder)


Exactly what it sounds like, the blog.

Screenshot of the Blog entry page

  • Summary (Wygwam)
  • Body (Wygwam)
  • Extended (Wygwam)
  • Use Markdown? (Checkbox)
  • Categories: Blog group


Our job postings.

Screenshot of the Career entry page

  • Intro (Wygwam)
  • Description (Wygwam)
  • Projects (Playa) – Related to the Work channel
  • People (Playa) – Related to the Profile channel
  • Categories: Blog group


Used to display the client logos in the work section.

Screenshot of the Client entry page

  • Logo (File)
  • Sort Order (Low Reorder)


Makes it easier to update some of the static content on the homepage. This is a single entry channel.

Screenshot of the Homepage entry page

  • Highlights (Matrix) – Title (Text), File (File), URL (Text)
  • The Latest Description (Text)


Shows the different attributes of our locations.

Screenshot of the Location entry page

  • Byline (Text)
  • Photo (File)
  • Address (VZ Address)
  • Live Music Venue (Text)
  • Office Game (Text)
  • Mode of Transport (Text)
  • Sports Team (Text)
  • Landmark (Text)
  • Weekend Getaway (Text)
  • Romantic Spot (Text)
  • Cheap Eats (Text)
  • Fancy Food (Text)
  • Bar (Text)
  • Coffeehouse (Text)
  • Brewery (Text)
  • Theater (Text)
  • Hangout (Text)
  • Family Activity (Text)
  • Indoor Activity (Text)
  • Outdoor Activity (Text)
  • Trail (Text)
  • Afternoon Snack (Text)
  • Sort Order (Low Reorder)


Used to send out our monthly newsletter.

Screenshot of the Newsletter entry page

  • Lead (Matrix) – Image (Text), Caption (Text), URL (Text)
  • Intro (Matrix) – Headline (Text), Headline URL (Text), Text (Wygwam)
  • Flickr Photos (Matrix) – Image (Text), Caption (Text), URL (Text)
  • Advance Posts (Playa) – Related to the Blog channel & Advance category
  • Inspire Posts (Playa) – Related to the Blog channel & Inspire category
  • Extend Posts (Playa) – Related to the Blog channel & Extend category
  • Flourish Posts (Playa) – Related to the Blog channel & Flourish category
  • Recommends (Matrix) – Headline (Text), Headline URL (Text), Text (Wygwam), Image(Text)
  • Events (Matrix) – Name (Text), URL (Text), Text (Wygwam)
  • Careers (Matrix) – Career (Playa – Related to the Career channel), Text (Wygwam)


Individual team member bio pages.

Screenshot of Profile entry page

  • First Name (Text)
  • Last Name (Text)
  • Job Title (Text)
  • Bio (Textarea)
  • Headshot (File)
  • Thumbnail (File)
  • Twitter Username (Text)
  • Loves (Matrix) – Image (File), Caption (Text)
  • SpeakerRate ID (Text)
  • Sort Order (Text) – Only used for Brian, Andy, and Pop
  • Categories: Interests group, Locations group, Team group

Static Page

Used for any of those one off random pages.

Screenshot of the Static Page entry page

  • Body (Wygwam)


Used for the porfolio pieces.

Screenshot of the Work entry screen

Screenshot of the Work case study entry screen

  • Description (Textarea)
  • URL (Text)
  • URL Label (Text)
  • Carousel (Matrix) – Image (File), Caption (Text)
  • Carousel Replacement Video (Text)
  • Screenshots (Matrix) – Type (P&T Dropdown), Image (File), Caption (Text)
  • Thumbnail (File)
  • Is this a case story? (Select Dropdown)
  • Process (Matrix) – Heading (Text), Description (Wygwam), Image (File), Image (File), Image (File), Image (File), Image (File), Image (File)
  • Custom Header CSS (Textarea)
  • Custom Homepage CSS (Textarea)
  • Big Screen Custom Homepage CSS (Textarea)
  • Homepage Summary (Textarea)
  • Carousel Thumbnail (File)
  • Client (Relationship) – Related to the Client channel
  • Categories: Services group, Work group

What third party addons did we use?

Nothing out of the ordinary here, but I’m always interested to know what addons a site uses.






Phew, that wraps up the first post. The next post will be about the templates and custom addon development. Feel free to ask any questions or let me know if there is something specific you would like to see in the next post.


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