Digital Conversations Find New Outlets

Ryan Moede, Former Viget

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Is dialogue leaving the blogosphere? ReadWriteWeb has an excellent post regarding a shift in online conversations moving from blogs to just about everywhere but the comments section. Whether it's on Twitter or attached to a social bookmarking site or even a lifestreaming service, there are more ways than ever to participate in online conversations. And just when a handful of brands were beginning to wake up and learn how to connect with customers through blogs, the game is already changing on them. How on Earth can you possibly keep up? It can be done. With the right tools and enough dedication, brands can keep a close ear to these extended conversations. David Armano shared a great story this week about a Southwest Airlines employee who followed up with him via Twitter when he posted a tweet about the great check-in kiosk Southwest provided. That brief moment of interaction between Southwest and Armano catalyzed a chain reaction of conversations regarding Southwest's excellent customer service as Armano's positive experience moved him to blog about it and share this story at a conference. No 30-second TV spot can provide this kind of customer engagement or is so foundational toward building brand loyalty. It’s incredibly hard work, but the rewards are impressive for brands dedicated to talking with their customers no matter where they are.

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