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Kevin Vigneault, Vice President of Product Services

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The post Digg Needs a Picture Section on Digg.com recently gathered over 5,500 diggs and topped the site's most popular list. The purpose of the post was to incite conversation among users about whether or not Digg should add a Pictures tab to the main nav menu to go along with News, Videos, and Podcasts. As I'm sure many people are thinking, design by democracy can lead to disastrous results. While many posters jumped on quickly and approved of the idea, there were also a good number of people who pointed out that the feature would unneccessarily complicate the site's design. In the end, the most popular idea seems to be to combine the existing video section (which many are not happy with anyway) with the proposed picture section into a general visual media category. Many sites request user feedback and use it to improve. However, it's much more uncommon to see an unsolicited user base take it upon themselves to discuss a site's design with genuine interest and insight. I'll be watching to see what, if anything, Digg does with these suggestions.
Kevin Vigneault

Kevin is Viget's VP of Product Services in our Falls Church, VA, HQ. He concepts, launches, and optimizes products for the World Wildlife Fund, Wildlife Conservation Society, Privia Health, and OPOWER.

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